Organization Development – 3.2 Ensuring follow-through and objectivity

3.2    Ensuring follow-through and objectivity

The establishment of what appear to be realistic action plans doesn’t guarantee follow-through!  Possible causes here include:

  • Incomplete buy-in by all members of the group – particularly prevalent if peer pressure has been a feature of the action-planning process;
  • Inappropriate motivations for OD (refer back to Section 1.3);
  • Inability to gain appropriate control over the resources that are critical to the implementation of the action plan;
  • Insufficient attention being paid to evaluation and revision sessions;
  • A lack of understanding around the amount of maintenance work required to follow-though on an OD effort.

These causes, and their symptoms, may only reveal themselves once an implementation is underway.  This, again, highlights the importance of seeing OD as being composed of ‘… a number of interdependent steps or phases, each of which builds on the previous one’ (Section 1.1).

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