Organization Development – 3.3 OD practitioner orientations

3.3    OD practitioner orientations

As practitioners, we all have our preferences, and these will colour the way we see our interventions – and the world in general.  A practitioner who is comfortable with team building may over-represent this focus during an OD intervention.  Similarly, a practitioner who believes that structural design is the key to producing lasting change may overly focus on job or role development.  Clearly, the more aware we are of our preferences, the less likely they are to interfere in our quest for objectivity and/or a truly client-centred approach.  Being non-directive in our approach (see next Section) may further help.  What is required, in any intervention, is an appropriate migration around, and balance of, different orientations as the OD intervention evolves.  The attention of the practitioner should not, therefore, stray too far away from the understanding that no single orientation is always, or even usually, the correct one.  The best approach is contingent upon a number of factors that include:

  • Client readiness;
  • Analysed needs;
  • Motivation;
  • Resources.

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