Leadership Styles Explored

In this video clip, Itay Talgam explores leadership styles with illustrations from great conductors.  I believe his message is deep and subtle.  You’ll see here ‘leadership’ in many guises and I think it’s truly worth taking the time to reflect on how Itay’s illustrations can translate to our experiences of leadership, both as provider and recipient.  Enjoy ….


My website contains further resources that may be of interest …


Screen shot - Home Page


2 thoughts on “Leadership Styles Explored

  1. Carl – isn’t this a great video. Leadership in so many forms. Leadership v Managing v Empowerment. Its a great example of how it can be done with ultimately the same process.

    • Really pleased you got this Wes, I use the video in a few workshops I run on Leadership and it never fails to get people exploring their own approaches with a new perspective. What did we do before YouTube?!!

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