A to Z of Management and Leadership: Aspiration

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Aspiration, by definition, is a strong desire to achieve something. What many organisation’s don’t realise, however, is that a clearly identified aspiration is its most important asset. The aspiration of an organisation is typically stated in a vision or mission statement, and is often associated with delivering their service to the highest possible standard.  But in order to succeed and achieve, an organisation’s people must share the same aspiration.  There are three key elements behind an individual’s desire to achieve:

• How clear they are about what they want to achieve,
• How realistic it is for them to achieve it, and
• How much they value achieving it.

It is the combination of these fundamentals that determines a person’s level of motivation. Therefore, it is vital that an organisation provides a clear picture as to where the team is heading and, as importantly, why.  This gives individual’s something to work towards within the context of the desired end result.
If you believe you or your team could benefit from exploring the concept of ‘Aspiration’ more fully, simply download my free workbook. It contains some thought-provoking ideas and an exercise to further develop you and your team.
To download a free (pdf) workbook, follow the link below: