A to Z of Management and Leadership: ‘Balance’

For my brief explanatory video on ‘Balance’, go to:



To download a free (pdf) workbook, follow the link below:

By definition, balance is achieved when different elements of a whole are equal or in the correct proportions. With that in mind, you may be wondering why balance is so important in business…

Well, one of the ways it’s needed is to maintain a balance of perspectives when assessing how well a business is doing. Managers and leaders must be able to consider balance within the context of an evolving set of organisational aspirations, market forces, social changes, and economic realities. One way businesses can explore diverse perspectives on performance is by using a tool called the Balanced Scorecard. This looks at how the organisation is performing in relation to their mission, focussing on 4 key aspects; Finance, Customer, Internal Processes, and Learning and Growth.

If you’d like to discover the 5 essential principles for creating and maintaining a balanced, strategy-focused organisation, download your free copy of the ‘Balance’ workbook  – http://bit.ly/1HcIqQZ


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