Refocusing me – my new working day challenge

A great initiative from a dear friend and colleague …


I have written a lot before about how I want to be a better me, and as part of this, I continually look at myself and see what I can do better.

And I did just that this morning!

I was on the train to work, sitting down, without a paper to read (I was running too late to stop at the shop!) I was thinking and reflecting – and I started to feel stuck again. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, I just wasn’t feeling that I was going anywhere – not literally, the train was moving! I was feeling overwhelmed with stuff I have been reading about all things that I just do in life – stuff like design thinking, digital living, user needs, reframing, and challenging the status quo.

So I turned to my iPad and found an app that has been a constant companion to…

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